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Passive Ventilation

Passive ventilation products provide a method of either taking fresh air in, or exhausting stale air out, of a building. Our passive ventilation products are either; louvre panels or continuous louvre walls and louvre doors.

In each case the products are custom built for the specific project, using Aluminium System profiles which come in standard 5 or 6 metre lengths, that are cut to length and assembled in our factory.

Units are then either powder coated or anodised to the customer’s specification, once this is done the final process is the addition of any bird or insect mesh. Units are then wrapped and packed for shipping.

Select Louvre Application

 Louvre PanelsLouvre Panel Blades

For a wide range of applications in screening, ventilation, security or simply to provide an interesting architectural effect.
Continuous Louvre Walls Continuous Louvre Walls

Commonly used for plant rooms and for creating a visual and or security screen at the top of buildings.
Louvre DoorsLouvre Doors

Secure ventilated access. Used as a continuation of a louvre wall, or used independently.