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Solar Shading "Brise Soleil"

The name Brise Soleil comes from the French words for “Break” and “Sun”.
Brise Soleil comes in two common versions, either; horizontally mounted or vertically mounted.

Brise Soleil is predominately used to provide shading, however it also has applications both as a privacy screen and a security grill when mounted vertically. Brise Soleil also offers an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Both types are made up from the same component parts, these being:

Wall mounting brackets – these carry the Solar Shading canopies and fix to the building elevation. Various options allow for fixing to timber; steel; block work or curtain walling

Mullions – these project forwards in a horizontal system, and up the face of the building in a vertical system. The mullions support the structure of the system, providing a fixing point for the blades.

Blades – these come in a variety of widths, we offer elliptical profile blades in 60mm, 120mm, 145mm, 200mm, 300mm widths. They can be mounted on the mullions at a variety of angles dependent on the design.

Blade mounting brackets – Generally used in vertical systems. These are the interface between vertical mullions and the blades.

We supply our Brise Soleil either as pre-built “cassettes” or in kit form for final assembly on-site by our customers. We also offer a fitting service via our approved sub-contract installation team, if required. The systems can be supplied in polyester powder coat finish, anodised finish or natural mill finish.

Horizontally mounted

In this configuration the canopy is mounted above the window to be shaded, and extends outwards from the building. The projection away from the building is generally between 1,000 mm and 2,000 mm but will be dependent on final design. Horizontally mounted Brise Soleil allows the use of outward opening windows.

Vertically mounted

In this configuration the canopy is mounted above the window to be shaded, and extends down the building towards the bottom of the window. The canopy generally stands off from the building by 50 – 100 mm. Vertically mounted Brise Soleil does not generally allow opening outward windows, but can act as a security grill. However, Aluminium Systems Ltd are able to offer sliding units, if access to or opening of window units is required - See photo gallery


The angle at which the blade is mounted on the mullion is one of the factors in the physical design of the canopy that determine the amount of shading that it can provide. Other design factors include:

  • Thickness and shape of the blade
  • Width of the blade
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Blade orientation (away or towards the building)
  • Building’s physical location (Latitude)
  • Building’s orientation (South facing etc)
  • Time of year
  • Time of day

Please view our gallery area for related images.

Aluminium Systems Ltd offer a service that calculates the amount of shading offered by a Brise Soleil canopy under a variety of conditions. For most UK applications, fixed blade systems are set at 45 degrees. However, for the most comprehensive shading solutions, an adjustable motorised option is available.

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